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When purchasing a new home, most people refer to the expertise of a real estate agents; specialized professional that have been and will be selling homes for years. Likewise, if your appendix ruptured, I'd be willing to say you would rush to a surgeon, not a dentist. Why accept less expertise when your TV bites the big one? Stop and think about it.

Don't go to a store that really specializes in something else -- say selling tools, CD's or clothing. At those stores, you're likely to be helped by someone who flipped burgers last week, worked in lingerie yesterday and can't tell you anything about the differences between LCD and Plasma screens except what he can read on the price tag. If you really want help -- go to the experts!

We have been in the electronic, furniture & appliances business for years. That's what we love, that what we do and that's what we know. We have long standing relationships with the biggest manufacturers and know all our products inside and out. The result? You get exceptional service and help getting the most out of your investment.

Come shop where the experts can help you choose the right electronics, furniture & appliances to match your budget, needs and style. Come shop where you can expect exceptional service and expertise.

Come shop with us.